Where Your Child Comes First
No two children learn the same. At Expanding Horizons, we recognize the unique capabilities and talents of our students and tailor our tutoring to maximize their learning at each stage. We can assist your student to improve their grades in a variety of subjects:  math, language, reading and the sciences. We aim to provide a comprehensive tutoring program that will improve your student's understanding of their subjects and raise their grades.
We also provide a special curriculum for Students with Learning Disabilities. Our program focuses on teaching students to maximize their strengths and understand how to improve on any weakness's through learning strategies. Understanding that it is a processing difference, not an intelligence issues is fundamental to improving learning, understanding and confidence.
Tutoring Fees:
Initial Consultation and Testing:$85/hr
Tutoring starts at $25/hr with a minimum of two hours. Weekly rates are available, upon request.
 Please fill out the form below and email it to the address below to schedule a consult for my services


Consultation Fee
Initial Meeting
Price: $85.00
2 hour minimum
Price: $50.00

 Call us to talk about our Tutoring Curriculum and how best to help your student at  wendy@expndingyourhorizons.com  or 210-363-3759.
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